3140 Peter Street,
Windsor, Ontario,
N9C 1H3 
Call: 1 519 254 1112x5000
Text:    519 818 MIKE (6453)
For stays longer than 1 month please complete the form below. For stays shorter than 1 month please call the Front Desk.

Reserving your room at uPlace is a simple 3 step process.

  1. Tell us about yourself
  2. Let us know what type of room you are looking for, and how long you plan to be with us
  3. Any upgrades or special requirements

Your home away from home will be assigned to you within 1-3 business days of receipt of your application. Simply fill in your requirements below and submit online OR print and fax OR print and post the form to the address on the left.........

Alternatively, to expedite your reservation simply call our Front Desk at 519.254.1112 x5000 for
-immediate up-to-date room availability information
-Provide Visa or MasterCard deposit to immediately secure your reservation

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Terms and Conditions

Room rates are for one person, second person is an Upgrade Option (available in rooms 111A,100,101, Deluxe, and Executive suites)

No sales tax on stays longer than 30 consecutive days


Semester Bookings: (Fall 2014 starts August 31st, 2014. Winter 2015 starts January 4th, 2015)

$500 rent deposit + remaining rent + suggested $500 Dining Account Deposit

Fall Semester payment due August 15

Winter Semester payment due December 15


Flexible Payment Plan - Available to Ontario residents up to 4 payments per semester

Fall:      Aug 15, Sept 15, Oct 15, Nov 15

Winter: Dec 15, Jan 15, Feb 15, Mar 15


OSAP 1-2-3 Plan

  1. $500 Rent Deposit at booking
  2. suggested $500 Dining Account Deposit on arrival
  3. Room fees due when OSAP funds are released or before October 15


Refund Policy:

Upon acceptance of terms by signature OR e-contract and payment of deposit a reservation contract cannot be cancelled. If, for any reason, a guest chooses to sublet a contract then a $100 administration fee will be charged. The original contracted guest assumes full responsibility for arrangements and costs of the sublet including advertising, damages, or skipped sublet contracts.

Windsor recently placed in the TOP 7 Smart Communities in the World. Below is the inspirational video that explains very eloquently why Windsor is a great place to live and study. We look forward to seeing you soon.

 Video courtesy of Suede Productions and You Tube.




Short Stay

For Short Stay availability please call or text:

Call: 1 519 254 1112 ext5000

Text: 519 818 MIKE (6453)

2016/17 Semester Dates

Fall Semester only: September 4, 2016 to December 22, 2016

Fall and Winter Semester: September 4, 2016 to April 21, 2017

Winter Semester only: January 8, 2015 to April 21, 2017