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I found University Place to be a very good residence for students, though I'm sure it would surpass the needs of business travelers.  I resided there for 2 years while attending university. The building itself is typically quiet during the school year, creating an ideal atmosphere for serious students, with no distractions from loud neighbors. I found most of the other residents to be upper year undergraduates or graduate students. The staff there are very friendly and make an effort to get to know you, while still respecting your privacy. Staff and management are present 7 days a week during regular hours. The entire building is protected by keycard access and surveillance cameras. There is a kitchen and dining room on the ground floor open for dinner 6 days a week, dine-in or take-out (and you can call and order from your room). The food they serve is *AMAZING*, especially the daily specials! Very healthy and very tasty! They have excellent cooks and all of their ingredients are bought and made fresh and it shows! The private rooms are of adequate size, however I recommend befriending your roommate (on the other side of the bathroom) as soon as possible to make your stay that much more enjoyable! I formed lasting friendships with both of my former roommates. Having moved in to Uplace after a very difficult second year of university, struggling with grades and such, I found the environment there very positive and was able to get back on track. I am now an A student pursuing graduate studies, and I attribute a good portion of my success to the atmosphere and people at University Place. Though it is more expensive than renting a room in some of the houses around, the security, dining room, on-site management, and not having to worry about people stomping around at 3 am or water pipes bursting in the middle of the night make up for it (I know from experience). I recommend checking it out!


7/8/2009 James V.


Excellent Accommodations only a 5-10 minute walk from most classes at the University of Windsor. Very Home-like atmosphere, with kind and friendly staff who make an effort to get to know you.

Great restaurant on site offering both dine-in and take-out, while also offering phone-in orders. Everything from a burger & fries to fine dining with every day specials, and great desserts.

Free Wi-Fi High Speed internet access is great. Spacious modern rooms, with very large bathrooms. 24-hour food access is great from vending machines that have actual meals rather than only having chips and snacks. On-site ATM and Laundry comes in very handy. Security cameras all over the place, plus key-card only access provides peace of mind for inside and outside the building, including the parking lots.

5 Stars!!


4/20/2009 Jeremy T.


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